Deliberate UFO

Table Runner


I recently finished piecing this table runner for a cabinet in my living room. The wall is actually a very deep shade of maroon, although it appears to be violet here.  It is quite similar to the maroon solid fabric in the quilt, although more muted.

While I usually finish things as soon as possible, I have decided to deliberately leave this object unfinished while I decide how to finish the back.  I could use one piece of fabric of either a solid color or a print to back this as I did a similar piece I created a few months ago.    However, at a recent meeting of the Modern Quilt Guild at the Pennington Quiltworks one of the members showed a two sided table runner with a holiday theme.  One side was for Halloween and the other side was for Thanksgiving.  That gave me the idea of creating a two sided runner but with a different twist.  The top is already quite traditional with the hexagon shapes.  I thought I might try to make the second side modern in contrast.

runner hanging down the side

I have already started on the binding for the runner, which will take the form of a row of hexagons with fabric that matches the hexagons along the edge of the top.  Creating such a binding is very time intensive since it involves stitching each fold of each hexagon so the basting threads and papers can be removed.  This has already been done along the edge of the top of the runner.

hexagon binding


stitching folds

While making up my mind about the reverse side the top will function quite nicely even without batting and quilting.

reverse of runner

This photo shows the piecing from the reverse side.

batik unit


solid unit


runner from above



Healing With Hexagons

I’ve been spending a great deal of time recently hand stitching using a technique called English Paper Piecing.  While reading my section of quilting in Zite on my iPad I came across some tutorials about paper piecing with hexagon shapes.  The work has been very therapeutic, and it has rekindled my interest in quilting… more to come soon. Goes Live

I’ve owned this domain for a few years and haven’t done anything with it.  Recently I had a failed experiment with the domain, which I owned for a year, and decided not to renew.  I had the notion that I was going to seriously blog about transitioning into becoming vegan.  Becoming vegan failed miserably, and the attempt at blogging failed as well.  All I succeeded in doing was filling my email inbox with requests to approve comments which were nothing more than spam.  I guess I let a few too many filter through and I became a target.

Instead of trying to make this into a topic specific site I am just going to blog about what I am doing from day to day.  I imagine that those topics will change from time to time, but I’ll still be me, so I guess that my name is the best domain name I could have now and in the future.

I’m certainly nowhere close to being “nearly vegan” anymore, so I am well rid of that domain.

To help in my quest to learn how to blog I ordered the book WordPress: The Missing Manual from Amazon.  I should get it on Tuesday.