Bought WordPress: The Missing Manual

I couldn’t find my hard copy edition of WordPress:The Missing Manual today, so I decided to go to Amazon and take a look at what it would cost to download the Kindle version.  I discovered that there is now a second edition of the book, so I decided it would be well worth my while to get the latest edition.

Luckily I downloaded the sample first, and discovered that if I bought it directly from O’Reily I could have the benefit of DRM-free ebooks, multiple formats, lifetime access with free updates, and syncing of my files with Dropbox.  These benefits alone sounded like a good deal even if it meant I would pay slightly more than I would with Amazon. They were offering an upgrade to anyone who purchased elsewhere for an additional $4.99.  That would put the price at $24.85 if I bought from Amazon at $19.86 and then upgraded.

The cost of the O’Reily ebook was $23.99, a modest savings.  However, I then I discovered that I could get a hard copy along with the digital package for just ten dollars extra, and I would even get free shipping on the book.  I’m definitely going to consider purchasing directly from O’Reily on my future Missing Manual purchases.

I definitely like having the hard copy, but it is nice to have the digital copy as well.

Starting Fresh

I’m probably going to be transferring this domain to Bluehost in the near future and pointing it at my website Hexy Lady. In the mean time I am going to playing around with it a bit so I am going to be deleting all the posts I had done previous to this.